Alpine Cyclone Pump 3100 GPH Review

All those people who love to have a pond in there garden or house backyard, has always been tensed about the, which one is the best pump for their pond. We will recommend you to go on with the Cyclone Pump with 3100 GPH by Alpine. Alpine is very ig name this field and has speciality of manufacturing water pumps and fountains.

Alpine Cyclone Pump 3100 GPH Review

This Cyclone Pump 3100 GPH is a hybrid pump that can perform dual working as both submersible as well as external pump. In this article, we will talk about its specifications, pros and cons, and some reviews we had taken from prominent e-commerce website amazon.

Some specs and features of pump.

  • It has power of 2100 to 8000 GPH depending on the model
  • It is hybrid pump having electric, external or submersible features
  • Its power consumption is 190 Watts for the 3100 GPH model
  • It has Vortex impeller with a large pre-filter feature
  • It can be used in ponds with fish
  • It has Cord length of 33 feet
 As alpine is known, for manufacturing pump model series with different power capabilities ranging from 2100 GPH to 8000 GPH. As this article is about 3100 GPH powered pump and talking about water flowing which is generally depends upon the height through it has to travel and mentioned stats about it is measured from zero height. However, this Cyclone pump is very reasonably priced as per its power capability. 


  • The most positive thing about this pump is its raw power, which can be very effective with its 3100 GPH. It will be enough for ponds, which are medium to large in size.
  • Another pro about it is its hybrid functioning that it can be, used as submerged manner as well as the external pump and this thing is totally depend on your choice.
  • It has very long length power chord, which is around 33 feet. Then you don’t need to worry about using and spending money on extension-chord for power supply, this length of wire will be sufficient for most users.


  • While going through its reviews and rating, there is the one review that been stated as the pump had stopped working after 7 months of uses.
  • As this is electrical product hence, it can happen to any product, but benefit of this product is that alpine is providing 3 years extended warranty

The Alpine Cyclone 3100 GPH is one of the high rated pumps available on amazon with average rating of 4.1 out of 5.

  • There is a customer who is looking for water supply for its 10’ waterfall. Purchased this product and he was highly satisfied with its performance with water movement it produces over the rocks. He also commented on its shielding strainer that is it not that powerful, but he was satisfied product that brand has offered. He was not satisfied with the small fastener which are there to hold water flow was not up to the mark has he has to use external clip for tying it tightly. Overall, he was satisfied with the product.
  • One other customer was highly surprized by the water circulating power it provides which is very effective in comparison to other pump of the same cost. Its size is very compact and has very good weight distribution, which make this pump very portable and useful for remote places. It is very reliable for long-term usage and enough for heavy usage.
  • It has solar power compatibility, which make this pump useful in those areas where there is general problem of power cuts and it is effective enough for small and medium sized ponds. This customer has been using this 3100 GPH model from last 8 months or so and its working very effectively since then, he was very satisfied with the chord length provided as he don’t have to bother about using extension cables and other electrical settings, just plug and you are ready to go.
  • There are customers who had used series of Alpine pumps ranging from 2100 GPH to high end 8000 GPH and they are satisfied with their performances specially by this 3100 GPH model. They had used this pump in his 20’ waterfall and were very satisfied with speed of water it pumps out and they use it for dual purpose for both pond and waterfall and there is no performance issue they faced till now.
  • It is very nice product, which produces very low noise during functioning, the best thing about the product is the 3 year extended warranty given by the brand. Another best thing is its filter which very effective enough for filtering dust and garbage of pond to get inside the motor.
  • Talking about critical aspect of this pump, there is customer who had bought this pump and its impeller broken down within 3 months of purchase and most disappointing thing he faced about warranty claiming is that he has pay for shipping charges for sending product back to manufacturer.
  • Another critical point we had noted that, there is a customer who had purchased this product and it stopped working after 7 months, although he paid extra $15 of shipping charges and requested company for replacement, then it has been 4 months or so and he has been getting negative response from the customer care.


We would highly recommend this pump for all those users, which want to have great experience of water movement in the ponds of their backyards as it efficient enough for both medium and large ones. As it has dual feature of uses i.e. both submerged and external one, which will be effective as per you uses and if you had smaller pond at your home, then you can look for less powered pumps by Alpine and believe us, as this product will not disappoint you. I hope you liked our article about the review related to Alpine Cyclone 3100 GPH pump and if you had any more queries and questions related to it please feel free to contact to us.