Alpine Cyclone Pump 33Ft Cord 2100 GPH Review

If someone is wishing to buy a new pump for their garden then they should surely go and check out this one as this will suit your requirements and it will be the best as per your budget too.

Alpine cyclone pump is the leading company that deals with the water pumps and fountains. This particular time they have also developed a new pump that can be used both externally and internally. Let us have a clear look on what we are talking about and what good features this product has. We have listed best pond pumps review so that you can choose from the list.

Alpine Cyclone Pump 33Ft Cord 2100 GPH – Our Review

Some of the features of this product are described below. Go through these to know more in detail.

The cyclone pump has different varieties of power. The least power of the pump is about 2100 GPH and the max is 3100 GPH.

The water flow will depend upon the distance or we can say the height that the water has to travel. The cyclone pond pump comes under the category of most powerful pumps. This is proceed reasonably and will be providing you with the best pumps that suit your requirement.

 It has very long length power chord, which is around 33 feet. Then you don’t need to worry about using and spending money on extension-chord for power supply, this length of wire will be sufficient for most users.

  • Good power consumption.
  • Usable for smaller ponds.
  • Longer power cord.
  • One of the main advantages of using this cyclone pump is that it gives you raw power. This raw power is for the 8000 GPH version. And is easily available to you in the cyclone pumps. Due to this reason you can use it for both the medium or large sized ponds.
  • The pump can also work nicely when it is under water and along with that it can work nicely even if it is for external use. Some of the pumps that we might have used usually have shorter cords but this problem wont arise with this pump. This pump comes with a 33 feet long power cord. This is surely enough for most of the users and will work well for all your work.
  • In some reviews it has been found that the pump died only after seven months if use. This can surely happen with any product so it also has a warranty period of three years.


  • The maximum power that it requires is about 22100 to 8000 GPH. And it also depends upon the model that up to which extent the power will be consumed.
  • The pump that it uses are of the electric, submersible and the electric type.
  • The power consumption us about 190 watts.
  • This pump can also be used in the ponds that includes the fishes and the plants.
  • It has large pre filters.
  • The cord length is about 33 feet.

The most positive thing about this pump is its raw power, which can be very effective with its 3100 GPH. It will be enough for ponds, which are medium to large in size. Another pro about it is its hybrid functioning that it can be, used as submerged manner as well as the external pump and this thing is totally depend on your choice.