Top 9 Best Pond Kits Review Koi (2020 Review)

Taking care of a pond is not an easy job. Pond looks good and it has other environmental benefits, but having a pond at your backyard means you need to keep it clean and healthy for the fishes and other aqua lives. To help you in this matter there are pond kits from different brands available in the supermarket. We all seek help of such pond kits which gets a new pond up and it starts working within the shortest period. You can also choose best pond pumps.

The usual pond kit comes equipped with all the items that you may need to start a new pond or clear an old one. The kits usually are sufficient to clean a pond with a waterfall, or indoor ponds, or both kinds of ponds.  If you are kind of confused about what a pond kit may and must contain, and how different brands have equipped their pond kits, we are here submitting a complete review of best pond kits that you can choose to buy from today.

Our List of Best Koi Pond Kits

We have tried to provide you with the best pond kits according to our judgement. Also we have kept the reasonability of the price in mind. The experience of setting up a few products also came into acknowledgement. So let’s begin.

Koolscapes 270 gallon pond kit with lightning Check Price on Amazon
2. Algreen pond kit with solar lighting Check Price on Amazon
3. Algreen 1200 gallon pond kit Check Price on Amazon
4. Savio Signature 3000 complete water garden Check Price on Amazon
5. Half Off Ponds Large Hybrid Pond kit with waterfall and skimmer Check Price on Amazon

1. Koolscapes 270 gallon pond kit with lightning

For the ones who own small ponds, need special kits those are specifically made for small ponds. We are beginning our list with one such kind of pond kit that is suitable for a small pool at your backyard. This is a basic pond kit and it consists of only the small pond set up materials.

The kit comes with an 8 by 10 ft. non toxic pond liner and it is able to hold 300 gallon of water. A fountain is included with the package with 200 GPH pond pump to get the fountain going. There are two floating lilies and solar powered light ball to illuminate the pond at night, which will make your garden look beautiful too.

There is an installation instruction guide which will direct you about the process of using these equipments. There are fountain heads available in this package along with telescopic riser and diverter which will help you setting the pool and decorating it beautifully. This basic pool kit is for the beginners or for those who does not have much large space to set up a pool. You can begin with this and by using your creative mind, do the landscape and make the backyard look elegant.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Simple kit with necessary elements
  • Cost effective for the beginners
  • Fountain head added for pond aeration
  • Fountain provides water movement

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Pond pump not of high quality

2. Algreen pond kit with solar lighting

This is another basic kit for the small pool set up. This one is almost similar to the one we have mentioned earlier, and this one contains similar items as well. That regular 8 by 10 ft non toxic liner is present here too, which offers to hold up to 300 gallon of water. But the pump is of 500 GPH which means it is more powerful and it more effectively will control the flow of the pool. This pump also powers the fountain in the pond so the water keeps moving and oxygenated.

There are water lilies which makes the pond look beautiful and natural. The LED lighted roses are there to enhance the beauty of the pond. However, the newer kits contain frog light instead of roses, which are also a pretty element to add to the pond. These lights help the pond getting illuminated at night.

The kit comes with two fountain heads with telescopic riser and diverter as well. The instruction manual makes the kit complete and ready to be used by the new user.The users have been mostly satisfied with the pond kit. This is a basic one, but has enough amenities to serve the purpose. Some users have complained about the liner plastic quality, but it is usable, if not long lasting. The holes that may occur in them due to stones or some sharp objects can be mended with shag carpeting or other similar objects.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Cost effective kit
  • Fountain heads included to keep the water moving
  • Water movement and aeration ensured

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Liner plastic quality not great
  • Not a good pump

3. Algreen 1200 gallon pond kit

After discussing two small pond kits, now we are moving to the large pond kits. The kit we are discussing now have 14 by 14 ft pond liner and it can hold up to 1200 gallon of water. So the pond it will provide will be much larger in size. So to move this much water, you need a much larger pump. The pump that comes with this kit is of 850 GPH which means it can move 850 gallon water per hour.

This pond is good for holding the fountains and let them going. Oxygen can be churned into the water via these fountains. Fountains also add beauty and elegance to these artificial pools. This pool kit is aided with some more unique features.  There is UV clarifier which is there to kill the algae, so the pool water remains clean and healthy. Also you will get Triple Glo lighting system with this kit. The system helps to illuminate the pond and the colours of the light vary from blue, red, and green, yellow to white.

The pond liner is non toxic so you can keep some fishes in the pond. The rubber liner needs to be protected from the ground so you must use another liner below it and directly over the ground. Some users have complained that the pump they received is a rain barrel pump and not of 850 GPH but 500 GPH. But overall this pond kit contains good ingredients and make it look great while set up at the backyard.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Great kit with large pond set up equipments
  • Clarifier to keep away the algae
  • Triple Glo lighting system
  • Fountain for pond aeration

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Clarifier not working for some users

4. Savio Signature 3000 complete water garden

It is better than the earlier reviewed pond kit and it is a larger one too. This one is for the pro who wishes to see a regular pond flourished at the backyard and with all amenities. The liner provided here is of 15 by 15 ft. and it holds 1300 gallon water. The pond it will create will be of 11 by 11 ft, which will be a large one. As it will hold this much water, the pond will be 1.5 feet deep.  So you can clearly plan to keep the fishes alive in this pond. Even in winter months on cold regions it will provide ample space for the fishes.  2 feet or deeper pond allows the fishes to live behind the torpor during the winter months.

The pump available with this Savio Signature pond kit is Aqua Pulse 3000 GPH and it comes with ample power to aerate the pond water. The circulation is great done by the skimmer filter and the optional UV clarifier gets the algae killed. So you can be assured of getting clear and pure water in your pool.

The aeration system that is offered with this pond kit is not the regular one that usually comes with other pond kits. It looks somehow different. The waterfall ensures that there is ample oxygen in the pool. The plan of keeping koi or other kind of fishes will be materialized now. This can be turned into a great fishpond soon.The kit comes with a light of 1 watt and of bronze colour. The kink free tubing helps to keep the water flow intact and filtration proper. The installation hardware and fixtures are supplied with this kit so you get a full package and do not bother to arrange for any other equipment or measure. The kit also comes with limited lifetime warranty on the major parts.  The black waterfall foam comes with the package is a bonus product with this package.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Large pond liner to hold huge amount of water
  • 3000 GPH pump
  • Kink free tubing
  • 1 watt bronze spotlight
  • 12 oz waterfall foam can
  • Pond skimmer and filter
  • Underlayment

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Bronze light much smaller

5. Half Off Ponds Large Hybrid Pond kit with waterfall and skimmer

Now we will come to the pond kit of next segment, that is, kits that offer waterfall too. These kits are for large gardens that can accommodate a large pond with waterfall. These ponds are best for the koi. The brand Half Off Ponds kit is just the right choice for the fancy people who are lover of natural habitat.

This large pond kit comes with 20 by 30 ft EPDM pond liner and it offers a pond of 13 by 23 ft to be made. It is a perfect pond for the koi fishes as they can hibernate in the deeper part of the pond during winter. Anyhow, you can customize the pond size, length and width as per your requirement and choice. The 5200 GPH pump is a robust one and it can sufficiently circulate and aerate the water of this large pond. Also the 22 inch waterfall will be managed by the same pump as the water will be circulated in that too.

The underlayment that is offered with this kit makes it complete, as you do not have to arrange for any such layer while arranging for the pond. The liner needs something else to stay in between the land and it, or else the liner may get torn while coming in contact with the rough surface of any stone lay in your garden. The PVC piping and fittings, PVC glue, and water fall foam, all are arranged successfully in this pond kit. There will be beneficial bacterial along with the kit as well as pond skimmer and bronze light.  You are also eligible to get warranty on all the major components of the pond kit by the manufacturer.

Pros (What we liked)

  • High quality equipments available
  • Warranty on all major items
  • All hardware and plumbing equipments included
  • Various ranges of sizes available
  • Perfect koi pond

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The 1 watt light for such a large pond

6. Simply Ponds 2100 water garden and pond kit

Just like the HalfOffPonds mentioned above, this kit is too a compilation of all the high quality equipments. The great Lifeguard liner is of 15 by 20 ft and it is eligible to make 8 by 12 ft pond which will be 3 ft deep. For koi and other fishes like goldfish this will be a good home.

You will get Manta submersible pond pump with this package. The pump is of 2100 GPH which means it is large and useful. The waterfall that this pond kit offers is of 16 inch height and there is a filter too. The pond skimmer usually works to keep the pond water stay clean.  The huge 2100 gallon water stays aerated and oxygenized by the help of this skimmer.

The piping, fitting and everything is there inside the kit, so you need not to get anything else except this pond kit to set up a pond at the garden. Sealing foam is provided with this pond kit which ensures that you do your job successfully. Again like the previous one you get limited warranty on the major products of this package.

The high quality items that are included in this package does not make it a pricey kit, in fact the kit is moderately priced. So you can get decent item for your hard earned money. The hardware and plumbing equipments always offer the easy doing of the job. Instruction manual that comes with the package is much easy to follow and thus you need to external guidance to set up the pond.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Self sufficient kit with all equipments
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Warranty of the major parts
  • High quality components

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Foam amount not sufficient

7. AquaScape 99765 DIY Ecosystem Backyard pond kit

The brand we are discussing about is AquaSpace, one of the leading brands in pond space. So the kit we get from them must be able to keep up the name of such a great brand. The EPDM pond liner that comes with this kit is 12 by 10 ft.  Thus it can make a pond of 8 by 10 ft. However the users’ advice that the pond hole should not be dug deeper than 2 ft as the pond liner will be fitted into it.

There is BioFalls waterfall available with bio-filter which makes the water clear and healthy for the fishes and other aqua lives. You will be assured of clear pond water by the skimmer and bio filter that comes along with this kit. The brand is most trusted one and it offers you warranty of lifetime on the plastic moulded parts, whereas the fittings and the components have 1 year’s warranty. The pump from Aquasurge that 2000 GPH comes with one year’s warranty.

The underlayment is from Geotextile and thus is of high quality.  The installation kit comes with waterfall foam, pipe fittings, silicone and foam sealants, which means you have to buy nothing extra to get the pond running. The brand is one of the most trusted and thus you can expect good quality items from this. The kink free tubing is there with 5 inch diameter and 25 ft length, and this will successfully keep the water flowing inside the pond. The installation instruction that comes along with the package is helpful and thus it will guide you properly to set up the pond.

Pros (What we liked)

  • High quality products
  • All hardware and plumbing equipments available
  • Warranty on the major parts and pump
  • Size variety available

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The depth not enough for koi

8. Algreen 91914 Avonlea Pond kit

This is a preformed pond kit.  This one comes with a hard and rigid pond liner and this is why the installation process is even easier.  If you get this one you do not need the pond sculpting skill. However the size and shape of the pond is predetermined and you cannot change it in any case.  Also these ones are smaller in sizes generally. The brand we will discuss is a good one. Algreen 91914 Avonlea pond kit is super simple to fix. Also it is really fun to install in your backyard. The non toxic and fish safe pond takes really less time to get installed.

The liner of the pond comes with a unique feature, that is, it has integrated plant shelves where you can keep the water plants secured. The liner is weather and UV resistant so you can safely use this liner for years to come. The pond pump offers 200 GPH power so the small pool will have no filthy water remaining on it. The flow control will be controlled by the pump as well as water fountain will be powered by it.

The pond can be lightened up by the SuperGlo LED lights, and it has the power of adjustability so the colours of the light gets changed to blue, green,  yellow, red and white. The various coloured lights will make the pond look illuminated during the evening and nights. Two silk made water lilies make the pond look prettier and real, so thank the manufacturer for bringing this touch in the pond kit. The fountain comes with 2 heads and 12 inch diverter along with the telescopic riser.

Pros (What we liked)

  • A simple pond with regular set up
  • No need of pond sculpting
  • Fountain to move the water and aerate it

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Shape and size fixed

9. Algreen Manhattan Contemporary Terra Cotta Water Feature and pond

As we are trying to inform you about all the variety of ponds, here is another kind of pond, which is called above ground and indoor one. These ones do not come with all the features of the outdoor or large in ground ponds. But this one makes your home look visually appealing and the ambient noise makes the surrounding calm and soothing.

The design of Algreen Manhattan contemporary Terra Cotta water pond is contemporarily designed and it can hold up to 50 gallon of water. It shows that it is a small pond. The basin or pot is 40x20x18 inch and much durable, so you do not have to worry about any mishap at your place. The colour of the tub will not fade anyway, neither would it chip nor peal. The pump that comes with this kit is 500 GPH and it offers whole water aeration.  The included fountain works with the power of the pump only. The fountain adds appeal, movement and oxidization to the water of the pond. The product comes with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.

You can keep a few goldfishes inside this pond and make the scene livelier.

Pros (What we liked)

  • High quality basin
  • 2 years warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be set indoor or outdoor

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Limited water capacity

The above products mentioned by us are for you to choose from, now we can discuss a few things that are necessary to know if you are really willing to get an indoor or outdoor pond.

Best Items that you should also looks for Pond Kits

A few items are required to set a pond but not always those are included in any pond kit set. Let us discuss about theses.

  • Pond Dechlorinator– when you are storing water to fill the pond, use a dechlorinator as the tap water contains chlorine which is harmful for the fishes whom you will keep in the pond.
  • Landscaping– the pond should look good, and for that you need to work a bit more. Arrange for some landscaping rocks, and some pool decoration which will make the pool look cool.
  • Pond fish– this is not an inevitable part of pond, but if you want a lively touch to the scenario, then you can add that. Also adding some fishes to the pond will save you from insects and mosquito larvae, and eat algae and other pond weeds.
  • Water test kit– this is an important equipment to check the pH balance of water as well as nitrites, ammonia and nitrates. After fall and spring you need to check the water of the pond for these.
  • Cleaning tools– debris, leaves and other things like sludge and weeds need to be taken care of. So keep the pond water clean you need to use a pond vacuum or pond rake.
  • Pond thermometer– the very cold or the warm water can harm the pond life. So you need to check the temperature of the water and for that you need a thermometer. This way you will be able to take protection to keep the water healthy.

Cost Effective Way Of Making A Koi Pond

Koi pond is one of the famous ways to make a backyard beautiful. Also it offers plenty of opportunity to stay near the nature and having the satisfaction of keeping pets. It needs some simple steps and basic items to create a koi pond. You can decide to build the pond on or in the ground which should be minimum 4’ deep. The things needed are backwashable biological filter, bottom drain and pre-filter for that, one pump, aeration system, one bottom drain and UV clarifying system. There will be no sharp objects or stones within the pond.

The walls of the pond should be built with treated boards and the outer facing can be decorated with any kind of stones. The bottom drain pre-filter of the pond can be created with the wall blocks which will be retained after the boundary walls are made. The pond skimmer and bottom drainer should be installed at least 18” back of the pond edge. The round valve box should contain the 3 way flow control valve, if you use one. There should be one rectangle valve box which will contain the UV system and aeration system and this box should remain adjacent to skimmer and pre-filter. There will be the bead-filter and external pond pump 18” away from the pond.

If you stay in an area where it snows often, you should get pond de-icer to keep the pond free from ice or toxic gases. Do not go for cheap linear as it will only give you much pain later. It will degrade soon and cause leakage on the pond wall. Also invest in energy efficient pump as it will run almost always.

Be it indoor or outdoor, ponds always add to the beauty and aesthetics of the surrounding. So if you are thinking of getting one in your household, do not delay and get started soon.