5+ Best Pond Netting and Covers Reviews

We generally setup pond in our garden and house backyards to bring liveliness to it. But, only building pond is sufficient enough for this purpose, its maintenance and protection is as important aspect of it. The method for protection of pond we generally consider is netting and ponds covers to make it free from debris, leaves and predators. In this article, we will give you detailed review of top pond nettings available and give you detail buyers guide if you have one. Before we move further we will get to have some benefits regarding pond netting and covering.

Best pond netting and covers available Reviewed

Laguna Pond Netting
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Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Netting
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DeWitt Deluxe Heavy Duty Pond Check Price
Blagdon Clearview Fish Pond Netting Check Price
Hozelock Pond Cover Net with Support Pegs Check Price

Laguna Pond Netting

The best one in our list is Lagunas pond netting, which are very durable, quiet simple installation and perfectly weaved and sized for both fallen leaves, debris and predators. Lagunas Nettings are made of very high quality stretchy nylon material fibre, which make it very nicely covered and secured over pond surface. Its build quality is sturdy enough to hold debris and deter big predators from the reach of your pond. Talking about mesh size, it is around 0.5 inches diameter, which is efficient enough to stop leaves from entering into pond. The netting is black coloured, which is nearly invisible with the pond.

It package includes 6 placement stakes, which are of very good quality and easy to use, but not that strong and can break very easily. Hence, we have to be careful while installing the nettings. Lagunas netting can be very beneficial for small to medium sized ponds with debris and predators resistance required.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Strong stretchy nylon material.
  • Good hold of debris and predators.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Stakes comes in package breaks easily.

2. Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Netting

They can be great alternative to the Lagunas nettings, with having more sizing options for smaller and larger ponds. Like any other nettings, they have ½ inches mesh holes and they have been made of polypropylene, which make them environment friendly. They are also very resistive to harmful UV radiations and protect your fishes from it. The mesh holes are of standard size, which make them suitable netting for both small and large debris like leaves, birds feathers and twigs.

The package comes with the 12 stakes inside it for the fixing it on the ground across the whole pond area. The netting is very easy to install and stakes provided are strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions. The netting quality is good but not as strong as other option like dewitts, which is more suitable for heavy duty works, After all features it has, they are highly recommended for smaller ponds having medium debris and predators problems.

Pros (What we liked)

  • More sizing options
  • Polypropylene build make it environment friendly
  • UV radiation resistant.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Not very strong for heavy duty usage.


3. DeWitt Deluxe Heavy Duty Pond Netting

It is most heavy duty pond netting in our list. Dewitt has very high strength because of its knitted ¼ inch mesh design. Other its competitors usually have ¾ and 3/8 inch mesh design and it has much smaller holes in comparison to them, which make it more tightly impacted together increasing its overall sturdiness and durability. The fine mesh build also make it more impactful in capturing small debris and make it effective in catching both minute and large particles that fall over the pond.

This kind of durability and protection comes at price, it is more costly than any other netting in our list. But if you want best and high quality protection for you garden pond them it will be the best choice for you. It will also be very effective netting when it comes to the deterring of pests and predators entering in the pond as netting is very hard to breakdown.

It is also UV resistant, which make it durable for longer years and its polypropylene build make it an environment friendly option. It is not a floating netting, so there is requirement of stakes for supporting it. Although we accept that it will be on the expensive side when it come for nettings, but believe us it can be the best option when it comes to maximum debris and predator prevention. As most commonly used fish in our pond is Koi and it is the best product for them, as it will provide higher level of protection from predators as well as UV radiation.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Heavy duty product
  • Polypropylene build make it environment friendly
  • UV radiation resistant.
  • Best for Koi protection

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Very expensive option.

4. Blagdon Clearview Fish Pond Netting

It is one of the top pond netting solutions available in the European market. It is very flexible and stretchy and have durable design make it fit for the purpose of securing different sized ponds. It is made up of polypropylene, which make it environment friendly and suitable for both fish ponds and wildlife ponds. These quality make it one of the minimal invasive netting solutions for ponds.

The netting is suitable for capturing debris and fallen leaves, as it mesh holes are of 2 cm diameter on a whole. This netting also be very effective enough for most of the twigs and feathers from birds and ducks. For more finer debris go for other brands.The netting package has set of plastic stakes hooks, which are used for securing the ground cover around the pond. There installation is very easy, but we have to be careful while purchasing it as the quantity of stakes is limited in the package.

This netting is recommended for both small and large ponds, but if there is problem of small debris under 2cm in your area, then this netting is not suitable for you. But for other area pond this would have been best solution for leaves and debris capturing and deterring wild predators.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Polypropylene build make it environment friendly

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Not suitable for smaller debris (less than 2cm)

5. Hozelock Pond Cover Net with Support Pegs

They have almost similar properties as of Lagunas pond netting, Hozelock pond net covers are good for both leaves, debris and predators from garden ponds. They are made up of very hard and strong material, with approx. mesh hole diameter of ½ inches, which make it efficient enough for catching small debris. The netting has very fine mesh when they are compared with the Blagdon’s nettings, which make them not suitable for those ponds, which have problem of small debris and pinning’s.

The netting comes in black colour, which make it discreet against the pond waters, and package comes with the 8 pegs made of plastic for ground securing purpose. It provide different size netting solution for different range and size of ponds. The only drawback we can say that its material is not that stretchy so you need to be careful about pond size before ordering.

The package comes with the 1 year warranty, in case of damage, which is plus point about it. Overall, it is very decent quality netting, which comes at a very affordable price.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Very hard and strong material build.
  • Comes with 8 pegs in package
  • 1 year warranty

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Not very stretchy


6. PondXpert Pond Protector the Floating expert

It is a floating pond netting by PondXpert. It used to float over the surface of the pond with netting been interlock together to resist against the predators, like as herons, seagulls and cats. Its individual rings are made up of metal, which are sturdy and connected together with small ties. The netting structured perfectly to float around the pond, where there is higher probability of predators visit. The mesh holes are large in diameter, so it will not that efficient in you want to use it for catching leaves and debris.

The metal build is black in colour hence there is no requirement of stakes and pegs. It is that type of netting which can be used for more discreet kind of protection. The small ties in the package are little fiddly to use, so it is suggested to have more simple locking framework. At last we can say that this type of netting is better for deterring predators not as good for catching leaves and debris.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Good for predator deterring
  • No stakes and ring required

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Large holes not good for leaves and debris
  • Ties are not that easy to use.

Benefits of Quality Pond Netting

Pond netting and covering can be beneficial in many ways:

  1. By netting up your pond you protect it from leaves and debris and predators like herons.
  2. As pond usually been constructed at garden area, then there is high probability of it have surrounding foliage like trees and bushes and they can be resting place for predators like cats and birds, which can harm your pond’s fishes.
  3. Talking about leaves and debris which are generally consider as problems which make your pond look untidy, but if they are taken seriously and got deposited to bottom of pond then they starting to decomposing and contribute to sledging of the pond. As we all know decomposing process requires bacterial activity which may release some harmful substances that can seriously harm your pond’s fish and promote the over growth of algae and other things. People think that their pond fishes are dying because of cold weather, but generally the sludge deposition and their decomposing process leads to decrease in the oxygen level of the pond and harmful gas like ammonia, nitrite level rises, which is the main reason behind there death.
  4. Along with this problem of leaves and debris, flying predators like herons and ground one like cats can be a serious harm to your pond’s fish. As they are excellent hunters and can kill all the fishes of your pond within matter of minute, if you leave your pond unprotected.

Considering all these factors that can harm fish as well as ecosystem of your pond, it will be always be highly recommended to have good quality pond netting and covering in order to protect it from all factors.

Buyers Guide:  How to choose best pond netting

What will be the perfect length of net?

It is very easy to get the perfect length of the pond net, you just have to calculate the dimensions of  your pond and that’s it. You just need few inches more of the actual length and width of the pond. The perfect formula for estimation of the length is

Pond Width + Pond Length + 3 foot (1 meter)

As one thing is to consider that pond net can be very vulnerable and easily damaged, especially by the predators, so we suggest you to have backup in case of any accident. It is preferable to purchase an extra one if your net need some sort of maintenance.  If your net has been damaged by bad weather and other accident then we would suggest you to replace entire set of netting system because one weaker link can lead  cause bigger damage to the pond. So having a backup set is a smart thing to do.

Things to consider before buying netting

When it comes to the selection of the netting for pond. You have to consider two most important things, one is mesh size and other is it durability.

Mesh Size

The number of shapes are available when it comes to mesh weave of pond netting, the most common one is the diamond shaped. The openings of these comes in various size range up to 1.25”.

  • The 0.3” mesh will be sufficient for the purpose of catching debris and stopping predators. So 03’’ mesh is enclosed enough to keep leaves out and there is enough space for you to let food in for fish. As small opening is very essential of sustainability of the pond fishes and its whole ecosystem.
  • However, you have problem of much more finer debris around your pond then you have to look for much more finer mesh. This is totally dependent upon the area you are living in, things like falling acorns, pine needles and other minute wild debris which could easily slip into 0.3’’ mesh. But there will be the problem with more finer the mesh get as you will not be able to pass food inside it. The finer mesh will lessen the visibility of the pond.

If you want to have netting is almost invisible, then fine mesh is not the right choice. One other factor you need to consider that the koi fish inside your pond need adequate amount of sunlight to survive and fine mesh netting will limit sunlight passage. The fine mesh will also lessen the air circulation in the pond ecosystem, which will lead to the reduction of the oxygen level in the pond water.


Durability is another very important factor we need to consider while purchasing pond netting. The leaves and debris deposition can be very heavy during dry summer and during autumn and winter when there fallout is at its peak, so it can be more heavier.

  • As the result of this low quality and light duty invisible netting will not be efficient enough. There is an utter requirement of the heavy-duty pond netting which can tolerate the heavy weight of the debris.
  • As we have mentioned above in the mesh size section, IT is very important to consider the leaves types as per your geographical area. For example, large maple leaves can easily be resisted by the 0.3’’ light duty nettings, but the finer debris such as pine needles and acorns may require durable quality pond nettings with finer mesh size.

The types of pond netting materials available.

There are basically three types of the pond netting material available in the market, and each of them has their own unique purpose. Let’s elaborate them in detail.

Polyethylene/ Nylon Supported Pond Netting

These types of netting is made up of nylon, polyethylene, or plastic and they are usually help in place with ground stakes. They are very strong and durable in quality, which make them efficient for all season types except winters when they are not that effective. They are ideal for resisting leaves and warding off predators like cats and herons.

Nylon nettings are very resistive to rot and you can easily see through them inside your pond, making it most popular invisible pond netting. Other important properties of nylon as like they are UV resistant, which protect pond fishes and its ecosystem from harmful UV rays. It is also very lightweight and robust enough for everyday pond protection purpose.

High-Quality Floating Pond Netting

Generally, floating pond nettings are made up of materials, which are UV resistive to make their life span long. They are made up of high quality treated nylon or polyethylene and they have knotted weaved design which make them more reliable.

The floating property of the nettings, as they are simply thrown onto the surface of your pond and secure it from edges which pinning it on ground through pins and rocks. The have more specific use when you are going for subtler aesthetic.

They are waterproof and have anti degrading property. They help in promoting plant growth around the pond and it is very invisible that they barely visible on the water surface, which can be very beneficial for ponds owners, who want to enjoy natural looks.

Polypropylene Shade Cloth Pond Netting

Shade cloth netting is least common in comparison to other types of pond netting mentioned above, but that does not means they don’t have any use. They are useful for specific purpose as they made from very finely woven high-quality polypropylene, shade cloth netting is constructed for the protection of the ponds from sunlight and debris. Main purpose of this netting is to resist the sunlight and stop UV rays to enter pond. These nettings are usually installed with large stakes and pegs.

These are waterproof nettings and allows larger ventilation along with protecting pond ecosystem from harmful sun radiation in summer days. It is very heavy duty pond nettings and they are very efficient in resisting the fallen leaves and debris to enter pond. This netting is specially designed for protection the fish from overheating summer days. They are also efficient enough in deterring predators.


In our list the top pick is Laguna Pond Netting, which is incredibly easy to install, very durable, and the perfect size for both fallen leaves and predators. Along with these features it is made from a very stretchy nylon material, making it easy to secure and spread over your pond surface  protecting it from harmful UV radiations of the sun.

If you don’t consider Laguna’s netting then go with more sizing options for smaller or larger ponds is Atlantic Water Gardens netting. It is made up of environmentally safe polypropylene, which also provides very better UV resistance. The mesh holes are a standard size for netting and would be suitable for both small and large debris, including leaves, feathers, and twigs.

I hope you liked our article about best pond nettings, and we are able to solve for dilemma and search for best option. In this article, we have discussed about their specifications, features and their pros and cons. So, if you are interested with any one of them please go for buying them. Please feel free to share this article with your friends & family and if you have any suggestions and queries related to it feel free to contact us.