How to build a pond- A beginner’s guide to building the perfect backyard pond

If you have been planning for a pond then you might have decided how your pond should look like, where it should be located and how impressive it should be. So if you want one, it is not so very difficult to have it and it is a really easy and reward able process.

To build a pond there are a number of requirements and some basics that need to be maintained. So for this you need to have a deep look at the article.

Things to keep in mind when building a pond


Location of the pond

All ponds are similar but the difference arises where they are located. So they need to have a better location and a suitable one.

The pond should not be located somewhere beneath the trees:

It may seem to you that the pond under the tree might be perfect. But you are completely wrong. The reason behind this is that, the leaves of the trees naturally will fall into the pond. These leaves will increase the level of ammonia in water. This ammonia is very harmful for the animals, fishes of the pond as they may die.

A perfect site:

  • If you are falling low on budget and you don’t have enough money then you should always plan for a flat area.
  • The site should have sunlight but a little not too much.
  • It should have sunlight of a certain level so that in the day you spend your time in the sunlight and after that in shade.
  • The sunlight will help the growth of plants and is also good for you as it will be providing you vitamin D.

Near your house:

If you have a pond near your house it is very beneficial. You can keep an eye on it. You can easily identify the problems and deal with the maintenance issues as well. And along with this if you have it near to your house it is easy for you to slog out for it.

Also when you are deciding for a pond near your house check out for the gas lines or the power lines, as safety is first.

Size of the pond:

The size is a very important parameter that you need to consider. This will tell you about what kind of fish and plants you can use.

Small size:

This will be around 38- 190 litres. This won’t require much maintenance too. You can use the rosy red fish, the mosquito fish and along with that the small aquatic plants too. You should start with a smaller pond then you can proceed for a bigger one later. This pond brings the fun in the backyard of your house.

Medium size: This pond will be around 190-3785 litres. This type of pond will allow you great diversity in plants and animals. For this size of pond you may require a little more maintenance, you would require filtration and the location is the most important criteria. Large pond: this pond has about 3785 litres or more capacity. In this type of pond you can use a number of aquatic plants and animals

Type of pond

There are various types of ponds that we can choose for our backyard. Some of them are discussed below.

Pre formed pond:

A preformed pond will be one of the best ponds that you can select for your backyard. They are available in a number of shapes and their installation is quite easy. He price is really reasonable and are available at any garden centre.

The drawback of this type of pond might be that you are limited to only the small sizes. These ponds tend to freeze in the winter season.

Pond liners

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The pond liners are among those who take up more time in the setting. They have a number o sizes too choose from and along with that numerous shapes and depths too. The most important thing is that you need to be very careful while you are setting it up. You would also require an excavated hole so that you can create shelves for the plant.

Pond pumps

Pond Pumps
The water in your pond requires circulation otherwise it can get stagnated. And these ponds which are stagnated are not suitable for the aquatic animals and the plants. You can surely provide circulation to the pond by using the pond pump. Before you select a pump for your pond you need to also see for what purpose it is going to be. The pond pumps can be used for various purposes, that is a pump or a fountain.


In some ponds the pond pumps are sufficient but if you have fishes in your pond then you must require the filters. This filters will help in removing the impurities and will prevent your fish pond from being toxic. The filters that we use can provide both kinds of filtration that is mechanical and biological. In the mechanical filtration you only need to remove particles from water that too mechanically, whereas in the biological filtration the filters remove the beneficial bacteria in the filters. Some of the filters can also be used as chemical filters. These will help in removing the impurities from the water. This can be done by using charcoal.


Plants are a vital requirement for the ponds. Not every pond is complete if there are no plants. There are various types of plants that we can use:

Marginal plants: These plants can grow the water and these can also grow in the pond.

Deep water: These types of plants are planted in the deeper water.

Floating: These plants are used as floating plants in water.

Submerged plants: These plants are one of the most important plants that we can use. These will be oxygenating the water.

Pond fish

There are various types of fishes that can be planted in the pond. The types of fishes are:

  • Goldfish
  • Koi
  • Mosquito fish
  • Rosy red minnows


The pond for backyard is very suitable. There are various considerations of pond that is plants, fish and the material that is important for a pond.

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