Eco Plus Submersible Pump Review

The eco submersible pump is available in all sizes. There are small pumps that best for fish that move slowly and there are pumps that are good for the automatic top-off systems. Pumps are also available for watering the plants and draining water.

The bugger pumps are preferred for aquarium sumps and also for water changes. You can even use it for mixing salts. These pumps are very strong and due to this reason you can successfully use them for draining or filling the swimming pools. Eco Plus Submersible Pump is among one of the best pond pumps that you can make use of.

Eco Plus Submersible Pump Review


Set up

An instruction manual is provided with the pump that helps you to know how to fit the pp and at how much depth the pump is to be submerged. In the manual it is clearly depicted that the pump needs to submerged only for a few feet. So if it is not done so the pp will produce more pressure than it actually should produce. And this will reduce the life of the pump. Ensure that the pump is submerged only 2 feet under the water. When the pump will be submerged fully under water, no noise will ne produced. But as soon as it touches the side of container some noise will be noticed. This noise cannot be fully be avoided in sumps, so you need to be a little careful while placing the pump.

There are different sizes of pump that are available.

  • 75/100/132 GPH
  • 158 GPH
  • 290/396 GPH
  • 594 GPH
  • 1083/1347 GPH
  • 1638 GPH
  • 2166 GPH
  • 3170/4750 GPH
  • 7400 GPH

You need to go for the tubing that is similar to the size you select. Of you are ordering it online then the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that it is tight. The rubber tubing will be able to retain the curve.

If you want to straighten the rubber tubing then for this heat is required to keep the tube straight. And this process can be done accurately with the clamps and the heat gun.

To keep the pump place you need to use the suction cup. If you want noise reduction then you need to submerse it fully with deeper submersion. Ensure that the pump does not go more than 2 feet deep. If you are using the pump in area which is louder then lesser submersion will allow more flow.

The impeller will be silent on the start.

Cord lengths

There are variety of cord lengths that you get for your pump.

These are:

  • 75-396 GPH
  • 594-2166 GPH
  • 3170-7400 GPH

If you are using these wires for an aquarium then they usually are coiled up. But if you are using the Eco plus submersible pump for your outdoor pump then it could be of great use.

Each model is different and there is manual with each one so that you use it efficiently. In some models you only need to remove the front grate so that the impeller can be cleaned.

The grate can ne removed easily and you can turn the impeller counterclockwise. After doing this you can safely clean the impeller. And the cleaning should be done using a soft material like a cotton swab. This is so because the parts are sensitive and may get scratches if you use any harsh object. And the performance might decline. So ample care is to be taken.

The eco plus cannot retain temperatures like the freezing cold. If it is left outside in the freezing cold then the pump might break. When the pump is removed from water then the pump needs to be disassembled first and then dried.

As in the lump is for underwater use but still the pump is prone to rust when it brought out from water. So when you take it out you need to dry it first.

Flow and adjustments

The flow of the water is consistent when it is used in water. The eco plus can be used for vertical movement too. But for this you need to get a size larger than required. The resistance that will be created by the pump will help you in reducing the flow y a certain amount.

The pumps cannot be adjusted as there is a separate pump for production.

Warranty and lifetime

There is a one year warranty that is available with this pump. In the warranty period all the faulty parts will be repaired.

If great care is taken the pump can even last for 6 years. The pump is to be cleaned and reassembled every month. The process will take some time but will keep your pump working in a good condition.


  • It has a warranty of one year.
  • It is available for different sizes.
  • It can be used in hydrophobic systems and ponds, fountains and filters.
  • You can use it for vertical movement too.


  • The pump cannot be used for extremely cold or freezing weather.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It has great power to push the water.
  • It has a good filter and does not make noise.
  • It is of reasonable price.
  • It is efficient.


The pump is quite suitable for your pond. It will help to lead the flow of water and will also help in vertical movement. The price is really good with the features it has. It is a great buy.