How to Clear Green Pond Water?

Green Pond water is a big headache every pond owner usually get worry about. But this is a removable problem and you can get rid out of this. So let’s talk about this more deeply and look for some natural solutions we can apply. 


There is one single-celled element which caused the green pond water that called Algae. So we have to deal with it lets see how we can!.


Maybe you have applied many solutions to remove algae from your ponds but it came after some time. There are many reasons being so like having organic matters in the pond or heavy fish load or might be come with your water resources.



If we talk about it more scientifically algae grow because of nutrient imbalance in the water. When level or Nitrates and Phosphate increased these algae bloom and flow to all water. But why nitrates and phosphate increased? Well, the reasons would be many. It may be sludge and muck on the bottom on the pond or dead sells algae, fish waste, plants, and leaves, etc.


Steps To Clear Green Pond Water 

So the main reasons we can say having many fishes and plants in the ponds. Koi and Goldfish generate more waste in the water. We buy those fishes when they were very small and sometimes they grow and become big.


Reducing Sludge – 


  • You can use a long-handled net to reduce muck and sludge deep in the bottom on the pond.
  • You can also use the Pond Vacuum kind of product for this purpose.
  • In the season of fall, you can cover the pond with a net to prevent leaves dump under the water. 
  • Add sludge and muck reducer like CrystalClear MuckOff,  in the pond.
  • For the larger ponds, you can add Pond Skimmer.
  • Add an algaecide like Nualgi. 


Reducing Fish Load – 


  • Give or sell some of the fishes online and offline
  • Feed less to the goldfishes so that that they could get their meal from worms, insect larvae, etc.
  • Don’t keep Koi and Goldfish for a long time replace them timely.


Adding More Plants –


  • Add plants to maintain nutrients in the pond
  • Add plants that could give shelter fishes to create a better natural environment.
  • Add Clean Water Pond Plants.


Other Solutions – 


If you have tried all the above methods but didn’t result as want then you can apply some advanced technique. 


  • You can install an Ultraviolet Clarifiers which use ultraviolet light to kill the floating algae. You can find many sizes of these clarifiers. 
  • There is also algaecide designed especially for green pond water like ProFix D-solv 9 which can treat up to 9600 gallons water and for more gallons of water advance version is also available.


There are lots of expert advice available online you can get through e-books and youtube videos you just need to search and apply the solutions.


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