Patriot Koi KP550 Review & Buyer guide

Having a pump for your fish pond is necessary. The more energy efficient it is, the better, as the pump needs to run all the time, through days and nights. The pump we will be discussing now is from the big brand and so you should expect something good from such a reputed company. True to our expectation, the Patriot Koi KP550 offers great efficiency and working capacity.

The use of innovative hybrid drive technology makes it a great buy for all the pond owners. This pump uses combination of direct drive pump power. Also there is magnetic drive to ensure the safety of the pump, thus you can call it properly energy efficient.So if we try to discuss why this pump should be chosen over other best pond pumps, the below features will be the answer.

Patriot Koi KP550 Review

The pump is made for working non-stop 24×7 and it works on the same way. The heat over load protection always helps the pump to stay protected when there could be any chance of mishap. The solid passing ability of this pump is pretty amazing. It can pass solids up to 0.25”.  The intake screen is there to prevent larger items to enter and choke the pump.The pump does not contain oil, as it does not run by oil. So there will be no chance of leakage from oil and thus there will not be any opportunity of getting the water polluted.

  • This pond is completely safe for the aqua life like plants and many water animals or insects.
  • The flow is pretty high in this pump. This is due to hybrid drive technology applied in its mechanism. This high flow characteristic makes it a direct drive pump.
  • As it is pretty much energy efficient and stops after getting overheated, it can be safely called a mag drive pump. If you use a variable speed controller in this pump, the speed of the pump can be controlled too.
  • There is a 2 years warranty on this product from the manufacturers, which ensures that the brand trusts this product to be much efficient.

Patriot Koi KP550 why should you buy?

  • This pump is sold in various online portals, and most of the users seem happy about the buy and its productivity. Some says that the product is heavier than expected, but that could not be blamed as this pump need to be installed in one place and not supposed to move too often.
  • Regarding the hose sizes there is no parameter mentioned, so going by the user’s feedback, we can say that 1 inch output hose will work with this pump, however, 1 inch input hose will not perform the same way. It is better to use at least 1.5” input hose to get the normal flow.
  • This pump will suffice the job of a large pond. It can easily circulate the total water of a pond from end to end. It works with great speed and force so if you have a small or medium sized pond it is better to use it with some adjustment.  Using a splitter may help in preventing the water thrown out of pond.
  • It is a quieter pump with less noise which means, it will not disturb the surroundings so much that you have to be bothered.
  • The price of the pump is quite competitive. You can say that the pump is a great buy compared to other similar featured pumps.
  • If you have too much debris accumulated in and near the pond of yours, you can get a small bird carry cage to keep the pump inside it. That way the pump will be safer and not littered by the leaves or other waste.
  • There is a full bore adapter with the pump along with some reducers. These items will help you to attach the pump with the fountain, if you have any, and that will be a plus as you can use this pump both for pond as well as fountain.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Small and portable
  • Energy efficient
  • Non pollutant
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 2 years warranty

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Screen cover loosely fitted

The Patriot Koi KP550 is a great buy for such a decent price. This is useful and will not let you down. A few users complain that it had died too early, but if you follow the directions and maintain the pump, then it will serve you day and night and keep the water of your pond and fountain oxygenated for long years.