Pond Boss Waterfall Pump In depth Review

Pond Boss Waterfall Pump, 2300 GPH pump is most suitable for pondless waterfall features. It also has a very attractive design that will surely be very suitable for you.The pump might be a little costly as compared to the other pumps. But it has a. Lot of amazing features and the price is not a big issue in front of the good offers it has.

This pump is round and can pump about 2300 gallons water per hour. This pump is the best for ponds and the water based applications.It has a protective case inside that has a prefilter. Due to this reason your filter cost will be saved . along with this it has a wife filter. It has really great performance.

Our review on Pond Boss Waterfall Pump

The flow volume and consistency and combined with Nelson 9.5 inch waterfall spillway, the whole thing looks amazingly natural. As far as noise is concerned, there is very low noice. There is also great feature where it came with a filter bag to go around the pump which keeps large objects from getting into the impeller.

This may not be a traditional pond pump but is surely more powerful than the other pumps. As a result you have lesser cost and mote performance. The hand pump on the other side has a round body that can be placed anywhere you like.

The dimensions of the pump are quite perfect. The performance pump requires more and this may be not up to the mark according to this specification.

  • It creates a very attractive waterfall look.
  • It has capacity of 2300 GPH.
  • You can place it any position.
  • It has a god protective filter.
  • The assembly is better and easy.
  • Bit more noise


This pump is highly suggested and recommended for use for anyone who wants to improve the water movement in their ponds or water bodies. Depending upon the type of pond and what feature you need you can vary with the capacities.

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