Alpine PAL3100 Cyclone Pump review

The pond in your garden and backyard is the new trend now days. People love to have pond with fishes on their gardens and they love to decorate it with various lighting and accessories. The main problem comes to make the water ecosystem of the pond fresh and healthy for the fishes. In that case, we must keep the water of the pond flowing continuously and for this purpose, there is requirement of the good quality water pump.

Alpine PAL3100 Cyclone Pump review and Buyer Guide – Should you buy it?

In this article, we will give you details and review about the Alpine PAL3100 Cyclone pump. It is submersible pump have the maximum flow rate of 3100 GPH (gallons per hour). So without wasting your further time we would directly move to its specs feature and review.


Specs and features of pump

  • It has power of 3100 GPH efficient enough for small and medium ponds
  • It has usability as electric or submersible pump making it versatile product
  • Its power consumption is 190 Watts for the 3100 GPH model
  • It has Vortex impeller with a large pre-filter feature and very durable impeller shafts resist damage in case of long use.
  • It can be used in ponds with fish and can be placed vertically or horizontally as  your convenient in your pond
  • It has Cord length of 33 feet and Energy-efficient design saves you money

This pump with its power of 3100 GPH can be the real powerhouse when we compare it with same sized and priced submersible pump within its price range. You can control the speed by the use of the dimmer switch available in it. It can be very effective small and medium-large sized pond. This pump has ability to give competition to the pump double of its price. Also you don’t need to worry about the placing position of the pump as it has ability to be placed in both horizontally as well as vertically. One thing we would recommend that please remove the pump in the winter season as residual water inside it would freeze and destroy it internal parts.

  • Talking about the flow rate that this pump has ability to provide. The flow rate is the ability of the pump to provide unit gallons of water per hour (GPH) and it is 3100 GPH, which is effective enough for medium large ponds.
  • It come with the dimmer switch, through which you can easily adjust the flow rate to as low as 1500- 1800 GPH as per your convenience. We would always recommend to use medium high range of flow rate as actual flow rate is decreased by using small tubing or power regulation of the pump.
  • The light dimmer switch compatibility, which is provided as the variable speed control so that you can manually adjust the motor pumping speed as per your pond size.
  • As most of the light dimmers have 600W to 1000W ratings but one thing to consider that pump’s watts should always be 75% lesser than dimmer’s rating. This pump uses 2.3 A at 120 VAC then its power is 276 and 75% of 600 is 450, so 600W dimmer would be effective enough.

This pump has come with the power of 3100 GPH, which make it as a very effective submersible pump for medium- large sized ponds.

Things we liked

  • Great for large water features
  • Dimmer switch support
  • In built filter support
  • Runs almost noiseless
  • Very Strong and durable, even small internal parts are sturdy
  • 3 year warranty in case of any malfunctioning

Things we didn’t like

  • Lack of energy efficiency at 150 kWh in continuous run.
  • Some complain regarding poor after sales warranty claiming

It’s sturdy Strong ceramic built impeller shaft make it working life long and help in providing effective pumping power. It has inbuilt filter feature which make your pond water fresh and healthy for fishes.

Its ceramic built impeller has Vortex style structure, which make very easy thing in case you want to disassemble for cleaning, maintenance and other purposes. It also has very large pre filter area to keep internals of the pump clean and work efficiently for longer use. All these features make this machine very easy to install on your pond without worrying about any kind of damage to pump as well as pond ecosystem.

Now talking about is disadvantages though we do not come up with many, but everything has some flaws in it. The biggest disadvantages we can say about this pump is its working efficiency is not that effective at 150kWh of continuous run and there are some customer complain regarding after sales services by Alpine.


As per famous e-commerce website Amazon it has the average rating of 4.1, which make this pump very effective one for water flowing in the ponds and its 3100 GPH power make it efficient one for medium to large sized ponds. Its adaptability to be placed both horizontally as well as vertically make it good choice as you do not have to worry about it placement inside the pond. We would not recommend this product for ponds, which are small in size as such high power of water flow is not needed for them. I hope you liked our article about the review related to the  Alpine PAL3100 GPH Cyclone pump and if you have any more queries and questions related to it please feel free to contact to us.

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