7 Best Pond Skimmer

If you are having a pond in your house then it is really important that you keep it clean and fresh. Keeping it tidy and beautiful will add up to its appeal. The pond skimmer is the best buy for your pond if you want to make your pond look beautiful and impressive. And along with the beauty the pond skimmer will maintain the best shape possible for your pond.

If you are new to it and you don’t have much knowledge for how to select the best pond skimmer for your pond then this task is not so easy for you. You need to have some choices from which you can choose. And some attributes that you need to look for according to the type and size of pond. You can also check pond dye reviews

Buyers guide

After you have invested well in the pond and created it suitably then it is very important to keep it working. If you add the pond skimmer you can increase the level of your pond. But to buy a great pond skimmer is necessary as it is lit of stress to decide which skimmer is right and suitable for the pond.

There are a number if pond skimmers that are available in the market with different versions. So it is very difficult to decide which is suitable. So the buyers guide will help you to know which one is more suitable. It us necessary that you gain the necessary understanding for the skimmers.

Let us know about the pond skimmers in detail.

Pond skimmer

The pond skimmer is regarded as the part of the filtration system. The skimmer can compatibly work with any sort if the pumps or filters. The ponds are being exposed some outdoor elements that lead to clogging. The debris needs to be removed from the pond so that the pond remains clean and tidy. The pond also has coating so that the fish, plants and the ecosystem around is protected.

The pond skimmer is a type of filter that helps to collect the debris and due to this you are able to keep your pond clean. The debris in the pond will be passed through the net so that it is separated and the cleaning can be done easily.

Need of pond skimmer

The rivers have constantly moving water but the ponds do not have. So due to this reason the debris does not floats and is rather sinking down to the depths of water. The debris has leaves and materials too. This is collected at the base and due to this reason it starts decaying and causes harm to the fish and the plants. So it is necessary that the debris is removed from time to time. It will lead to stinky and also an eyesore.

Pond skimmer will help you to prevent these issues and protect the plants and fishes.

Let us now know about some of the differences that are there between the pond skimmer and the filters.

Best Pond skimmer and filters

The pond skimmers are being designed so that the pond is kept clean and fresh and the filtration is done perfectly. The pond filter can be submerged in the pond and it will be placed perfectly at the bottom of the pond.

The filter that is present in the skimmer will help you remove the debris and the clean water will be pushed

As in the pond skimmer is a tool that helps you to collect debris that floats of the surface of the water. The skimmer will remove anything that will be present and help you to clean the water surface. You can use it for fresh ponds and the vibrant ponds.

When you use a pond skimmer for your pond then you don’t need to worry about the debris. It can be cleaned excessively and effectively. Toxins like ammonia and the nitrates are released from the debris that harm the fishes and the plants. If you keep the type of your pond in mind along with the fishes and plants then it would be easier for you to choose which skimmer would be best for you.

Below is the complete list of buyers guide that will help you to choose better and get a good skimmer for you.

1. Aquascape signature series pond skimmer filter

This skimmer is the best skimmer in the range and it is being tested by the testing members. The members rate it to be the best because it is different from the rest of tge traditional skimmers.

With this you get the commercial grade lid that helps to blend the skimmer into the pond perfectly. The pond skimmer is UV resistant and due to this reason the pond will stay beautiful and healthy for years to come.

The Aquascape signature series will offer you a corrosion resistant skimmer model that can stand perfectly when exposed to water and some other elements.

It has a round shape that will give better strength to the skimmer. It is highly durable and lasts long as compared to the boxier designs.


  • The skimmer blends in perfectly.
  • It can handle upto 10,000 GPH.
  • It protects the fishes and do not harm them.
  • It can be installed easily.


  • It is slightly expensive but is suitable according to the features it portrays.

Some of the reviews which are given by users listed below.

  • There are some gaps in the basket of the skimmer.
  • It has a rock lid on the surface.

2. Atlantic water gardens pond skimmer

This skimmer has a weir door that is about 6 inches and due to this it can accommodate both types of ponds that is small and large ponds.

The skimmer had a support bar that gives additional strength to the unit. This skimmer is a type of a box surface skimmer. The build is heavy duty kind and you can easily conceal it with the rocks. It will help to beautify the pond.

The performance and the durability of this skimmer gets the best and the highest points among the reviews.


  • The skimmer is of heavy duty and it has a strong build.
  • It is suitable for both small and large ponds.
  • It is friendly for both plants and fish.
  • It is super strong.
  • You can use it easily.
  • The set up is also very easy.


  • It is a bit difficult to attach the skimmer to the pond liner.

Some of the reviews given by users are:

  • The installation is very easy.
  • After using it you will notice clear difference the other day.
  • It has a very powerful filter.

3. Laguna skimmer filter

This skimmer is best buy for the beginner ponds. It is highly suitable for new ponds. The box is strong and is flexible too.

This skimmer is best for ponds that are operated with 2000 GPH to 4200 GPH.

This skimmer has a compartment that you can use to place your pond pump. There is a basket in the skimmer that helps you to hold the debris. And due to this reason the cleaning process becomes more easy.

The testing team has a very easy set up and the use too due to which it is liked by the members. It is best suited for the new ponds.


  • The installation and usage are very easy.
  • There is a special compartment for the pond pump.
  • The cleaning can also be done easily.
  • The price is also reasonable.


  • This is large in size and due to this reason you might wish to disguise it.

Some of the reviews given by users are:

  • The weir door is not strong and breaks in some cases.
  • The skimmer is easy to install.
  • It is cheap as compared to the other skimmers.
  • The filter cleans the pond very easily.

4. Helix life support skimmer

This skimmer is the best skimmer and has won award for its performance too. This option very suitable as it is strong and can stand the rough weather conditions.

The testing team was really happy by the performance of the skimmer and it is best in cases of thawing and freezing weather. So this makes it one of the best choices.

This is the fish friendly skimmer and it is best for the koi ponds. You can successfully use it with the submersible or even with the external pumps. It has a very suitable for filtration pumps.


  • It works best when it is freezing and thawing.
  • It is versatile in nature.
  • It is safe for fish and plants.
  • There is a basket too that helps to remove the debris.


  • The basket is small.

Some of the reviews by the users are:

  • It has good quality.
  • The basket is very deep.
  • The filters can clean easily.

5. OASE living water pond skimmer

This skimmer removes the debris very easily and effectively. The simmer is safe for fish and the plants and along with that it is designed perfectly with a door which helps to make the cleaning process easier.

The basket that holds the debris is also easily accessible. It requires a very little efforts.

The installation of the pond pump is very easy and the usage too.

The skimmer has everything that will be required for installation purpose. And this will help you to keep yoyr pond fresh.


  • It holds the pond pump perfectly.
  • The door is unique and keeps the fish safe.
  • The installation is easy as compared to the other models.
  • The cleaning process is easy.


  • You might wish to change the hose as it is not so strong.

Some of the reviews given by users are:

  • It handles the water volume easily.
  • It is not so strong.
  • All connectors are good.
  • The fishes are safe.

6. Atlantic water gardens pond skimmers

This skimmer is among of the best choices that you have for your pond.

It has a door of 9 inches it works very nicely.

The door has a larger opening and therefore it gives a very lovely opening to the pond. It has a larger surface area that is of 600 square feet. The pond has the capacity to accommodate the flow of about 2000 GPH to 4000 GPH.

The skimmer is in box style and the filtration method used is mechanical. The cleaning capacity of the skimmer is really good that is liked by everyone. The skimmer also does not effect the fishes and the plants.


  • The skimmer is box type.
  • The weir door is of 9 inches.
  • The filtration basket can be cleaned easily and very fast.
  • It is suitable for fishes of koi ponds as it does not harm them.


  • The lid of the skimmer is bit flimsy.

Some of the reviews are:

  • The skimmer is best in use.
  • The basket is of no use as such.

7. Aquascape signature series pond skimmer

This pond skimmer provides you with the easy debris management for the ponds of size 200 feet. It has a door that is of 6 inches and it is useful in keeping the fishes safe and removes the debris successfully.

It is of round shape and it is strong and durable too. The performance of the skimmer is also great.

The lid of the pond skimmer is extremely durable and sturdy. The lid that is with the skimmer will protect the filter.  The solid helps to increase the life of skimmer and helps to raise the performance level of the skimmer.


  • It is very strong and has high durability.
  • It is best.
  • The installation is quite easy.
  • The debris can be easily removed.


  • It is difficult to attach it to the pond liner.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The skimmer has a net.
  • The pond is cleaned easily.
  • It has a good quality.

Things to consider when buying a pond skimmer.

It is very important that you know what is required in a pond skimmer when you are buying it.


If you have a smaller pond then you need a compact design of your skimmer. The skimmers that you buy should be according to the volume of the pond. For instance if we suppose that your pond has 1000 gallons of water then accordingly the skimmer should be capable to hold the size. If you are thinking of upgrading to larger ponds then you should go for higher filtration capacities.

If you get a skimmer that matches the size and the flow rate of your pond then it will save more money.


Cleaning the pond is one of the difficult stages and is most exciting. So you need to select a model that is easier to clean anytime. There are flip tops in some skimmers which are easier to clean.


If you have a pond that is of medium size or large size then for that you need to purchase the heavy duty one. The heavy duty skimmer will the beet if you live in a cold area and will tackle even if the weather is harsh sometimes.

You need to check whether the skimmer can bear the extreme weather conditions or not. This step is necessary if you have bad weather in the area.


If you have fishes in your ponds similar to the koi ponds them it is necessary that you get a skimmer that protects them. The fishes are curious creatures who explore the skimmer. So the pond skimmer are crafted with a net that are safe for fishes and keeps them happy.

Types of pond skimmers

There are different categories of skimmers that are available. To get you a closer look we have mentioned some of these below.

Floating skimmers

The floating skimmers floats on the surface of the pond. The skimmer helps to collect the debris that floats on the surface. The skimmers are not so suitable for the smaller ponds. This is because they require more plumbing and are expensive too.

There is a pump that is installed in the skimmer itself and this helps to clean the pond very easily. So you just need to drop the skimmer in the pond and the pond will be cleaned automatically.

The floating pond skimmers require more cleanliness and maintenance if you compare it with others skimmers.

Pond skimmer box

These skimmer boxes are set up in the pond at water level. The skimmer helps you to collect the leaves that fall in the pond. The skimmer has a larger basket which helps you to remove the debris easily and this is required ti be placed near the banks of the pond.

These skimmers are best for fishes and plants. You can even use it for the larger ponds. This is because it can be hidden and the beauty if the ponds can be preserved.

Submerged skimmer

The final type of skimmer is the submerged skimmer. This skimmer will be resting on the base of the pond and will not be in contact with the top surface of water. The skimmer is attached as in it can collect water from the center location of the water.

This skimmer will be suitable for any size of pond that is for big and small both. It has a better capacity to remove the debris that floats on water. But it is a little difficult to clean it when you have fishes in your pond.


The skimmers are best to add to your pond. Some of the best skimmers are listed which will help you to clean the water and remove debris. The fishes are also safe if you use it so it us a great buy.