The 5 Best Pond Water Wheel

Using water wheels at the backyard pond is a fascinating idea. Also it adds some aesthetic look into the pond. One who has the eye for interior details would love to use a pond water wheel to make the pond look fashionable. The actual purpose of water wheel is power generation, but not in modern times. Power generation has been shifted its source from wheels to electricity. But the wheels did not lose its value as most of the pond owners love to keep the wheels to accomplice their ponds for better view.

Also the water wheel keeps the water moving and it does not get stagnated. That is the secret of healthy pond water, which keeps the water aerated and the aquatic animals and plants live happily in it.

Different types of water wheels:

There are quite a few varieties of wheels available, like the wooden, stone or metal ones. Also the design differs like some are backyard and others are barn styled. Also depending upon the pond size the wheels can be lighter or heavier.

Generally the wheels are set vertically with the horizontal axis. But in few places the owners prefer to keep a horizontally stood wheel with vertical axis. It depends upon the size of pond and the location.

There are also two types of designs, like the undershot and the overshot ones. Wheels with the flat blade that are forced by the regular water current are the undershot ones. It does not offer much movement in the pond water though. Overshot ones are more effective when it comes to push the water and make it aerated and oxygenated. Height and diameter of the blade of this wheel are directly proportionate to the power generation and thus it moves the water with great power. But you must use a bigger wheel to get the full potency.

Top Pond Water Wheel

Now we will suggest you the best 5 wheels available in recent times.

1. Backyard Craft Amish Made Decorative Waterwheel-

You will get this wheel in Amazon’s website, so you can order it from anywhere.


  • Handcrafted
  • Axles with 15”, 30”, 36”, 48”
  • Color and texture variation
  • Used in Pond, stream or fountain

This backyard water wheel is made from the material which is non-toxic so there is no chance of getting the koi or goldfishes or the tadpoles harmed due to ite presence. There are quite a few color and texture variations available which makes it suitable for any kind of background. You can choose from mushroom stain, oak stain, cedar stain, gray, linden leaf, natural redwood or walnut stain. All the textures are so eye grabbing that you will find it hard to decide which one will be more suitable.

The water body of your backyard will come alive with the presence of this waterwheel. You will find the sound of water running over the wheel is soothing your mind. There are varieties of sizes available for the axle of this wheel. So you will get quite a few options to choose from, for your pond.

Built in bearings and axle with this wheel makes it work properly and efficiently. It works by the force of the moving water. It works by the overshot process and so you can use a pump if you wish, a small one with 100 GPH will be great. The users are pretty happy with the outcome. This is a high quality product and will go on working for many months. The nylon bearings can be changed without any extra charge, if requested.


  • Adds glamour
  • Works nicely
  • Steady and sturdy


  • Not long lasting

2. Amish- made Gristmills water wheel

Those who do not like to put the framework and chooses the great looking artistic boy to decorate their pond will love this product. This is yet again another backyard craft and it is prebuilt to lessen your pressure.


  • Pre built
  • Two sizes available, 15 inch and 30 inch diameter
  • Yellow pine wood made
  • Safe for aquatic lives
  • Metal bearings

This wheel will arrive to you in a pretty looking wooden casing. It looks similar like a watermill. The old world charm of this wheel will make your pond surroundings look like a scene from the past. The wheel is pretty sturdy and it sits on the axle that is covered by the main house.

The water is moved from the top to the bottom in the Overshot process.  You can keep the wheel in the exterior as it comes with the own water tray. Also you can place it under the shallow pond shelf to make the pond look nicer. The wheel also can be placed in the embankment which is next to the pond.

The windmill has two variations, as mentioned above.  This is a pretty looking wheel that is made from yellow pine wood.  This is a hand crafted piece which has its own authenticity intact. The soy bean resin used in the colour does not hamper the fishes or changes the quality of water. There are metal bearings which need to be replaced only after 2 or 3 years. Do not try to put oil in the bearing as it will go into the pond water eventually.

You need minimal amount of assembly for this kit. Use a drill to put the screws and use the wrench to tighten the nut. A power outlet needs to be kept nearby so the wheel starts working. This is a nice wheel for the pond lovers and it is made of non-toxic material so it does not harm the fishes or other pond creatures.


  • Sturdy
  • Well finished
  • Water tray included


  • Needs assembly

3. Practical Garden Ponds 15 inch water wheels

The ones who have a tight budget yet they wish to decorate their pond would like this Practical Garden Ponds water wheel. This is moderately wide and will surely do the job of water circulating and oxygenating successfully.


  • Hand crafted
  • 15” diameter wooden wheel
  • Overshot movement
  • 5/8” axle

The water wheel works in the overshot process. This is a nice entry level wheel which is hand crafted and possesses nice look and stylish yet authentic design. The quality pine wood used in this wheel makes it a sturdy object. This is not an undershoot wheel and so it works best when the water is flown on the top of it. The water gets collected in the blades and pushes it to move continuously.

It offers good flow rate and nice movement. A pump of 200 GPH will make the process easier and smoother. This is a small sized wheel so you can fit it to any small sized pond. Even the solar driven pumps will work nicely for this wheel.

There is no frame to support this wheel. But that one is pretty small, so you can buy a frame to support this wheel. Or else you can insert a pole through the axle and mount it on the clamps. This one is too small to produce any energy.

A safe wheel that will not disturb the fishes or other creatures of the water, this is the right one when you are getting wheel for the pond for the first time. It is not pricey so you can expect it to work for a year smoothly.



  • Non toxic soy bean resin coating
  • Pine wood make
  • Bearing included


  • Support frame not included
  • Cannot produce energy

4. Sullivan’s foot water waterwheel –

The maker provides us with some exquisite water wheels which are best for the backyard ponds. The water will be aerated and the sound of soothing waterfall on the breezy evening will make you happy and content.


  • Different sizes available
  • Pre assembled kits
  • Separated in 8 sections

This is a family run business set up in South Carolina. The water wheels they make can be set on any garden, pond or landscape. The offering is a pre assembled kits which have 8 sets. They offer installation process too, if you wish. The shipping can be made anywhere. These are wooden wheels to make the water body move with ripples and waves. The kit contains all the necessary parts and so you do not need any forklift or crane for the installation process.

There is barrel option through which the water wheel can stand on its own. It will not need the support of any strong framework or building to be nearby to stand stably.


  • Handmade
  • Nice sizes available
  • Barrel included


  • Not great for small ponds

Yard sticks Furniture Water wheel

This could be a nice addition to your well groomed landscape or a cute pond at the backyard. The manufacture is basically a furniture making company.


  • Nice look
  • Wooden make
  • Ball bearing included

You will love this water wheel from the brand Yard Stick. The finish and the size is great for any small or medium sized pond. However, there is no variety available for the sizes, so you must check the pond size before making the purchase. Western red cedar has been used to create this well crafted water wheel so that makes it a great and prized product.

Not only is this a decoration item for your home, you can gift it to anyone on their special occasions. Those who have an eye for the sophisticated interior decoration pieces will love this item. It also can be placed in any water holding container, so you can purchase it even if you do not own a pond at your backyard or landscape. A tub comes included in the package but you can use it for other purpose as it is not necessary to fit the wheel on that tub only.

This is a standard sized fountain and it will offer you a nice splashing sound. The constant white noise it makes, will calm and sooth your mood. You can meditate in the surrounding area of this water wheel as the constant noise will help you to concentrate. You can also keep it at the patio and you will be happy to see how your pets will be attracted towards this nice looking wheel.


  • Can be placed in deck or patio
  • Tub included
  • Creates soothing splashing sound


  • Only one size available


Water wheels are not just a nice fancy part of any pond. It can repel the pest and by keeping the water moving it can demolish their eggs. Usually the eggs and larvae of many insects are bred in stagnant or slow moving water, which is dismissed once you fit a wheel into the pond. Reduction of algae is another beneficial effect of the wheel. As the water is never steady, there is no chance of accumulation of algae.