Pond Costs – How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pond?

pond cost

Having ponds in your garden and backyards, now days becoming an important aspect. The benefit of having ponds is that they will make our house full of luxury and lavishness, and it is also have some benefits related to ecosystem. But the main thing is to consider that building a pond in your house is not an easy thing, you have to took up some investments and after caring is also another he must consider, before going further to have one.

What is the cost of having pond in your backyard or garden area.

Now we will talk about the main aspect for which you are here to read this article, Cost. If we want to have pond in our garden, then is very complicated and long procedure of construction. We have to go on steps like digging, linering, pumping, filtering and other stuffs to make it attractive. We will look into each any every step one by one, along with their costing.

pond build

Digging cost

The first and foremost step we had to take before anything is to dig up the pond. There are usually two methods we use for digging up the pond is either by machine or manual human digging. Machine digging would be costly in comparison to manual one, in case you planned to have large pond. You can some sort of money if you do some work by yourself.  Now talking about the cost aspect, the digging price is dependent as per your location or site of the pond. As per our research the usual cost of digging up pond is within range of $ 5 to $12 per square feet. This price may increase if you would pay for some extra equipment, but one thing for sure digging is the most expensive part of whole pond making procedure.

Liner cost

Liner is another very important tool you will need to have installed at the bed of the pond. The main purpose of liner is to prevent water from soaking into the ground. Cost of the liner is not very high as compared to other things, and it is very important thing that you must install while building a pond in garden. Otherwise, you have regularly spend money on unwanted fixes.

pond cost

Pump cost

Now this one the most technical part of the whole pond making setup. It is very important part as in case you ignored it your pond is full of algae and mosquito larvae and thing for sure you don’t want. To keep these problems away from your pond you have to keep the pond water movement constant. For this purpose you need water pumps, there are number of brands with either submersible or external and even both features are available in the market and they will keep your water running inside the pond. Talking about the cost of the pump, it totally depends upon your requirement, the lowest price pumps are available at cost around $10-12, which are sufficient for small ponds, but in case of larger ponds they are available for around $200.

Filter cost

Once again, this is important part that has used along the pumps and that is filter. Filter are used to filter out all the impurities from water and help in making the water clean along with efficient working of the pump. The cost of filter ranges from $20 to $200 depends, upon there features and functions.

Pond plants

As we all know ponds without flower and plants will not go around. Hence, it is an extra accessory that is required to make your pond look alive and beautiful. Cost of having plant is very little in comparison to other parts.

Pond with Fish

Another additional thing you may need to give your pond a realistic look is fish. It is totally depends upon you which species of fish you want to have in your pond ecosystem. There are variety of fish available in the market for domestication purpose with variation in there prices. The most commonly purchased one is Koi fish which is very beautiful to have and small one cost around 4 dollars per piece, but there are large Koi fishes, which may cost around $1000. There are other common fishes like gold and orange colour fish, which were on the expensive side.

Final words

At last, we can say that a pond making cost is very high, if you want to be done by someone else. However, you can some sort of money by doing it by yourself. So if you want to make a pond and give your garden a naturalistic feel, we would suggest you to go with building a pond in it. Talking about its size and accessory requirement is totally depends upon your need and garden size. Larger the size higher the cost of making it.

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