KEDSUM Submersible Aquarium Water Pump review

Water pump is mainly used in most of the households to purify the water of the aquarium and keep it flowing. There are more uses of it though. It can be used in hydroponics, fountains or artificial ponds. Submersible water pumps are famous because these do not get damaged even when they are submersed in water.

KEDSUM Submersible Aquarium Water Pump review

There are many pumps available in the market and when you decide to buy one, you need to get the proper information about the feasibility and essential features of it. You may not be a technical person, but you should know which machine will fit your requirement best.

The brand:

We are here presenting one of the most popular and useful branded submersible aquarium pump, which is, KEDSUM submersible pump for aquarium.

This one is a smart machine with array of features. There are quite a few variations of this pump. From 550GPH force to 3500L/H. you can get a medium sized submersible pump like 880GPH pump when you will be using the pump for a regular sized aquarium or pong. The brand KEDSUM is a large one but is not very old in the world of aquatic gadgets. The water pumps that they manufacture can compete with best brands of the world. The great water movement is the speciality of the pumps from this brand without emitting too much noise. The models come with different sized heads and one or the other model will suit your aquarium safely.

The variety of the models offer different quality of performance, but the operation is mostly similar.


  • The pumps of this brand come assembled, and you can only attach the suction cups to let it work. On the base of the pump you can attach the suction cup with little force. After application the four cups remain intact in their places. All of these are used simultaneously. If you are bothered about noise then you should buy a four legged ones rather than three legged model. There are dials in front portion of the pump to adjust the flow of the water.
  • There are two outlet adapters in each pump. The outer diameters are listed so you can use a tube of similar or little bit smaller diameter to fit into it. It will be easy to find the tube if you take out the adapter and visit a hardware store. Food grade silicone will also be able to seal the adapter. But if you apply silicone then you need to give two weeks time to get the silicone dry, before using the pump with full force.
  • The covering design of the pump makes it easy for cleaning and disassembling. The front gate should be pulled off first, but if the pump gets old, it will not be so easy a task. After removing the front gate you can slide the impeller out. Cotton swab is the best material to clean all these parts. These parts need cleaning after certain period.
  • The pump is good for freshwater pond as well as saltwater bodies. The installation is easy with the suction pumps in any kind and size of tanks. The pump can be placed both horizontally or vertically so this is a great benefit of using this pump.
  • The pump functions quite well. The brand always offers energy efficient pumps which are easily hidden in any corner of your tank, because of its compact size. These pumps are good for any sized tanks, be it a mini one or a midsized one. It can successfully run aquarium, pond and water fountains.
  • The unique design of the percolator of outlet does not let the robot clogged by the waste and rubbish. So the motor works intensely and efficiently for long time.
  • The pump is made with premium quality materials so it is of great durable construction. Just maintain the proper way of operation and you can use it for years.
  • For smooth operation of the pump, you need to lubricate the inner shaft. It will also add up to the longevity of the pump.
  • The pump can be dismounted easily and so you can clean it simply by pulling it off the tank or aquarium.
  • This pump is really energy saving and low power consumption makes it a hit with the tank and aquarium owners.
  • The three outlet adapters of different diameter allow the water flow of different amount as per your requirement and desire.


  • Energy efficient
  • Less noise
  • Long lasting
  • Durable construction
  • Easily dismounted for cleaning
  • Compact size


  • Not suitable for sensitive fishes
  • Inner shaft needs lubrication


  • If you keep the pump fully submerged then it will remain quieter, which is obvious need of all users. It also prevents the motor from burning out and it works for a long period.
  • Do not run the pump dry or you will damage it, always check that if the pump is receiving water or not before switching it on.
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