Pond Boss Waterfall Pump 2300 GPH review

A small or medium sized pond is incomplete without a waterfall. When you wish to decorate the backyard garden of yours, it will surely cross your mind that putting a pond and an artificial waterfall can make it look more ravishing and engaging. The movement of water makes the atmosphere look and feel cool. The Pond Boss Waterfall Pump which comes with 2300 GPH power can help you in this situation and will be more than helpful to make the waterfall run in your backyard garden.

The pump is great for any sized waterfalls, even for the taller ones with 10 ft height it works great. This powerful pump is listed by ETL and is 30% more powerful than the regular pumps.

Pond Boss Waterfall Pump 2300 GPH review

With a pocket friendly price and eco friendly functionalities, Pond Boss Waterfall pump is a favourite pond pump among the users. Most of the users are satisfied with the way it keeps the water running and circulating in the pond and fountain. The flow volume and consistency makes the ponds look natural and not artificial.

The filter bag that comes along with the pump stores the large objects and prevents them from going inside the pump, which is partially managing the pump’s condition and preventing it from getting disrupted. The installation process is easy and so even the senior ones will not find it difficult to install it immediately at their gardens. The health of the fishes and the pond plants stay good and this is another factor that encourages the buyers to get this pump instead of other branded and high priced ones.

However, some of the users feel that the suction power of the motor is not much strong, but for the power of 2300 GPH, that is justified. The water flows smoothly towards the fountain area and then falls towards the pond basin. The slow humming sound does not bother the birds or the calm atmosphere of the garden much and it is much negligible. The affordable price makes the pump a must buy for the garden pond owners.

  • This pump comes equipped with the anti-clog technology which does not let the debris choke the pump. In fact the debris is flown straight through the pump so the pump motor remains clean and workable.
  • There is a free pump barrier bag available with this pump so you do not have to buy a separate one while buying the pump. This also makes the maintenance simplified and cost saving.
  • The pump is epoxy encapsulated so you can fully submerse the pump, without worrying of damage. Keeping the pump submersed also saves the battery power and it lets less noise.
  • The noise of this pump is similar to whisper. You can barely feel if anything is going on, so no sound pollution from the Pond Boss Waterfall Pump.
  • All the moving parts of the pump can be easily removed and cleaned, which makes the cleaning a hassle free job.
  • Pond Boss has created this one to be an eco friendly one, which is safe for the planet and will not harm the environment anyway. It is safe for the fishes and pond plants.
  • You will get a free pump-shield with the package.
  • This pump can water up to the height of 20 ft. which is great for any garden waterfall.
  • The cord available with this pump is 16 ft. long, so you can find a power source at a moderate distance.
  • Tubing options of two different diameter included, 1 inch and 1 ½ inch. So you can use two kinds of tubing for the pump.
  • The installation process is much easy. Anyone with moderate knowledge and experience can install it in the pond.
  • Price of the pump is much adequate and justified by so many features.
  • There is 3 years limited warranty on this product from the manufacturer. The defective parts and spares are warranted under normal working condition. For defective workmanship there should not occur any trouble within this period, as is ensured by the manufacturer.
  • The housing material is plastic so it will last long without getting rusted or corroded.
  • It runs on electricity like the regular pumps. 120 voltage is the necessary power drawn limit of this pump.


  • Anti clog technology
  • Plastic body
  • Less noise
  • Free pumpshield
  • Energy efficient
  • Environment friendly
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • Barrier bag included
  • ETL listed pump
  • Easy assembly


  • No prefilter IMO to check the debris


This is energy efficient, innovative garden equipment which will let you create a nice looking backyard garden. Also the maintenance will be less hazardous when you will have this potent pump from Pond Boss. The fountain feature on the pong will make the park look alluring and most comfortable place to spend the summer evenings.