Pondmaster PMK190 Pond Pump Kit Review

Pond pumps are always supposed to be greatly functional and working under any conditions. Those who own a pond at their backyards invest in a good quality pump which looks huge and stylish. But not always the pricier and the bigger ones work great, as sometimes you may find the neater ones like Pondmaster PMK190 working great for your pond.

The pump is not great for the larger ponds. However, you will find it perfectly working for the smaller ponds.  Water flow up to 190 GPH is provided with this pump. A 200 gallon pond will surely work find with the Pondmaster PMK190 pump.

Pondmaster PMK190 review

This submersible pump comes equipped with the filter kit and one water ball fountain head.

The maximum power it offers is 190 GPH whereas the consumption is 15 watts. This is a smart pump which works on less power.The 10 feet power cord that comes along with the package makes it a good accessory and enables the pump to work smoothly.The filter of the pump is designed to work for the mechanical and biological filtration.

It does not emit much sound when it is kept submerged, so not disturbing the aqua life.

The water bell shaped fountain head enlivens the pond. There are ways in which you can modify the water pattern, which can be done by rotating the fountain head in different ways.

Pondmaster PMK190 pump will save you from the situation when you are too much bothered about the algae in your backyard pond. The water will be cleaned soon and no more algae will be gathered if you keep the pump on.

  • Once in a while you need to take the pump out of the water, and take the filter off from hose. This should be practiced once in a month to keep the pump going rightly.
  • This is a budget buy. So if you think if getting a pump for the first time, you should get Pondmaster PMK190 pump for sure.
  • If your pond is decorated with different kinds of mosses, then there will be high chance of getting the pump clogged sooner. So be aware and clean it more often.
  • This product is designed in USA and thus all the high rated products are used in it.
  • The aquatic life will be better when you use this pump. It will breathe new life to the calm surrounding of pond life.


  • 15 watts power input
  • 190 GPH pump with ample force
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Umbrella pattern water fountain


  • Not for deep ponds
  • Need cleaning often

Most of the users are happy with its output. The crystal clear water and less power usage give it the fame of being a popular pond pump. Whoever was really bothered about the pond water being murky and after using anti algae stuff no changes were seen, have found the right equipment.

The Pondmaster PMK190 pump makes the water clean and keeps it like that for days. The beautiful clarity of water body makes the creatures like frogs, fish and the user equally happy. The little fountain head can create the ball of water when it is pulled, but as it is not mentioned in the guide manual, most users miss this point. They use this fountain as a regular one, missing on the fun of turning the water ball on. So if you buy it, do drag the top part of the fountain head and see the magic. The nice umbrella effect will surely make your garden more alluring and beautiful. As it works almost soundlessly, the calmness of atmosphere is not disturbed anyway.

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