PP80006: 800 GPH High Lift Pump review

When you need not a large and not a small pump, but a moderate one to provide enough circulation to your regular sized pond, get the PP80006 High Lift Pump. This is quite a powerful one and provides enough facility for maintaining clear water in your backyard pond.

PP80006: 800 GPH High Lift Pump review

The maximum power output of this pump is 800 GPH, which is fine when you have a nice deep pond.

This pump runs by electric and it is submersible, which confirms that it will work silently on your pond and keep the atmosphere calm.It consumes barely 60 watts of power which means you will be saving power if you use this one instead of other pumps.

The power lift of 11 feet proves its efficiency. You can trust it for more effective power play. Lift capability of this pump is outstanding.The 6 ft waterproof power cord of this PP80006 High Lift Pump is great as it will work from a good height.

  • There are three adapter outlets of different sizes, so you can fit it with different sizes of tubes.
  • This pump can be run non-stop for a year at least. It is so efficient that you can get this one working for keeping the pond water clean for the whole year.
  • The flow rate of every pump gets higher with the water height and the in this aspect the PP80006 High Lift Pump gives remarkable rate of 11 ft.
  • There are 13 different models and 7 size variations available for this pump line. So anyone can get their favorite model of this pump to use on their pond of any sizes.
  • This mid-sized pump is suitable for the garden ponds with waterfall or fountain. Also other kind of waterworks will run fine with this pump.
  • The pump is made with supreme quality materials. You will never be disappointed with the quality and output.
  • There is no copper part exposed of this pump. So it is amply safe for the fish and other aquatic animals.
  • The pump can be easily cleaned and reset, no need of any complicated tools.


  • Great in lifting
  • Moderate power consumption
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy disassembly


  • Too much waste can load it down sooner

The pump works smoothly with most of the users. They are pretty happy with its outcome. The size is perfect for the pond present in the small patios. There is a soft humming or buzzing sound which actually blends with the atmosphere of the garden. There is no harsh or shrill noise coming out of PP80006 High Lift Pump to irritate the animals and insects. It is definitely reasonably priced for so many praiseworthy features. You can get this pump and will not regret it later as you will get the value for your money fully.

Final Verdict:

There are users who have used in for 5 long years at a stretch, with little bit of maintenance. This shows the longevity of the machineries. It will surely serve you without creating much hassle as not many of the users have complained about its working. In fact cleaning twice a year is enough to get it going for days. Some users have complained that the axle assembly of this pump, which is made of plastic got broken within two months of using it.

It may happen due to the vibrations. It is not a common case and it can happen with some models only, when the casing is worn out or rubber end of pump housing is lost. If you can cover this pump with a wire fencing then there will be better chance of surviving of this pump for longer time. A rock in the bottom of pond container below the pump can prevent the mud from getting into the pump, which will in turn also help in working of this effortlessly for many more days.

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